Cardinal Rotary Instruments


Since 1985, the mission of our company has simply been to offer high quality precision rotary instruments, milling tools, and related products, while maintaining superior customer care.  You can be confident the precision rotary instruments and other items we offer are unique, solution oriented and backed by expert technical support, and a "no worries" guarantee.

The Cardinal Rotary Instruments philosophy is simply "The Customer is King".  When you call our company a live person answers the phone - a person that can help you with all of your needs without transferring you to different departments, and a person that gets to know you by name.  You may be pleasantly surprised when you experience our "hassle free" customer service, but that's what good "old fashioned" customer service is all about!

Cad/Cam milling burs and zirconia have become standard equipment and material in this industry.  As a compliment to this trend, we are constantly on the look out for the very best precision rotary instruments relevant to milling and finishing zirconia from start to finish - from green state to sintered zirconia.  Of course, we also offer a traditional assortment of rotary instruments for adjusting, finishing and polishing metal, porcelain, and ceramic materials - and virtually all other materials that require a precision rotary instrument to grind, adjust, smooth, finish and polish.

The Cad/Cam milling burs we offer are made right here in the USA with the highest grade German carbide available.  We make every effort to maintain the highest level of quality control with every cad/cam milling tool in our offering:  VHF burs/tools,  Amann Girrbach burs/tools, VHF 5 Axis burs/tools,  Sirona MC X5 burs/tools, Wieland burs/tools,  Zirkonzahn burs/tools, Dentmill burs/tools, Origin burs/tools, Roland burs/tools - every tool is inspected to be sure you receive a product that will perform to optimal expectation.

Cardinal Rotary Instruments also offers a full range of Rotary instrument burs and tools for finishing zirconia in the green state.  Our CardiGlaze PearlZ line of polishers are ideal for adjusting, finishing, smoothing, and polishing hard sintered zirconia.  Available in 6 grits, we offer a full range for every discerning customer.  The CardiGlaze PearlZ are safe for margins, virtually heatless, and will not chip or flake the edges. If you're looking for the best, highest quality zirconia finishing and polishing system in the industry - look no further.

Cardinal Rotary Instruments is your one stop shop for all of your precision rotary instrument, cad/cam milling tool, sintered zirconia finishing/polishing, and green state zirconia finishing and polishing needs.  We offer products that are unique and hard to find elsewhere.  For example, the ORIGINAL "Pearladia" polishers, and the ORIGINAL Ceramic Polishing and glazing R17 & L26 shapes just to name a few...

Demand ORIGINAL high quality! At Cardinal Rotary Instruments, we offer the original high-quality products that have become the industry standards that you know and love.  The authenticity of our original, genuine, high quality, precision rotary instruments is alway guaranteed.  Often imitated, but never duplicated, the ORIGINAL quality of our high grade precision rotary instruments will always meet your expectations.

We go out of our way to say "Yes!" to our customers, and the only policy we follow regarding customer service is to honor every reasonable request, all the time.  We want your experience with our company to be as easy and pleasant as possible, because we know that will keep you coming back...

Please browse the site and check back often to see what's new.  Feel free to contact us anytime by phone, e-mail or fax.  We want long term relationships, and we look forward to serving your rotary instrument and supply needs for many years to come.  Thank you for your patronage!